about me

Longtime journalist, editor and media expert.. Published hundreds of reports, interviews and articles in various Croatian newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. From 2001. to 2003. worked as executive director at public relations agency "Apriori komunikacije". Took part in creating some of the most important stories and covers of the decade with Nacional from 2003 to 2011, first as journalist and editor, later as deputy to editor in chief. Co-founded the weekly Aktual in June 2011 and worked as deputy to Editor-in-chief. From February 2012 to November 2014 Editor-in-chief at Business.hr daily business newspaper and later business weekly magazine. In December 2014, co-founded Intonacija, startup for new media solutions and Excite, company for communications management. In less than two years Intonacija successfuly launched six websites: Stratego.hr, Fresh.hr, Intervju.hr, Energetico.eu, Luxury.hr i Investor.hr .

Media experience
2012 - 2014 Editor-in-chief at Business.hr daily business newspaper
2011 - Political and Business Editor at "Aktual" weekly magazine
2010 - 2011 Assistant Editor-in-chief, "Business Plan" section editor and journalist in Croatian news magazine "Nacional"
2003 - 2010 editor and journalist in Croatian news magazine "Nacional"
2001 –2003 executive director in public relations agency "Apriori komunikacije"
2001 – 2002 editor and anchor of television show «Nedjeljni spektar» on Otvorena televizija Zagreb
2000 - 2001 editor in political magazine «Nacional»
2000 - 2001 editor and journalist in daily newspaper «Republika»
1991 - 2000 free-lance journalist for various Croatian newspapers, magazines, radio and tv stations

Pofesional experience
2000 - present media consultant
1998 - 2000 work for IDEA (International Debate and Education Association) as international debate trainer and facilitator on the international summer debate camps in Croatia, Slovakia and Poland
1998 - 2003 work for Croatian Debating Society as admin-program assistant
1996 - 2000 program assistant in Open Society Institute Croatia - Educational programs (Debate section)
1996 - 1998 work for Croatian Law Center - logistic for many international law conferences


During my media career I published hundreds of reports, interviews and articles in various Croatian newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations (areas of interests: politic, enterpreneurship, economy, science, telecommunications, war crimes), many including investigative journalism. Travelled through numerous countries and intervjuirao presidents, prime ministers, ministers and many other interesting people. In gallery bellow you may find some memories...

July 2002.

PR manager during Dalai lama's visit to Croatia

July 2002.

PR manager during Dalai lama's visit to Croatia

July 2002.

PR manager during Dalai lama's visit to Croatia

Shiraz, Iran, 2007.

In front of museum in Shiraz

Tehran, Iran, 2007.

National Museum of Iran

Tehran, Iran, 2007.

Monument in west, elite part of Tehran

Tehran, Iran, 2007.

The Iranian Parliament

Tehran, Iran, 2007.

In front of famous Azadi monument

Isfahan, Iran, 2007.

Naqsh-e Jahan Square and The Shah Mosque in Isfahan

Parma, Italy, 2001.

In Barilla factory

Pula, 2004.

Interview with Slovakian president Ivan Gasparovic

Zagreb, 2005.

Croatian Museum of police

Opatija, 2003.

I was PR manager of Croatian famous singer Nina Badrić during her Eurosong competition 2003

Zagreb, 2004.

Interview with Croatian minister of culture Bozo Biskupic

New York, USA, 2006.

On Wall Street with Privredna banka Zagreb CEO Božo Prka

Bruxelles, 2006.

In front of NATO HQ

Beograd, Serbia, 2006.

MIG 23, sent from Iraq to Serbia for maintenance, but never returned to Saddam Hussein

Beograd, Serbia, 2006.

Special Court for War Crimes, Belgrade

Zagreb, 2005.

Hospital visit to ex minister of foreign affairs Kolinda Grabar Kitarović

Zagreb, 2006.

With ex minister of foreign affairs Kolinda Grabar Kitarović

Zagreb, 2007.

With ex Israeli president Shimon Peres

Syria, 2006.

Somewhere around Palmyira

Syria, 2006.

Time to rest somewhere in the desert

Tunisia, 2007.

On Tunisian south

Zagreb, 2006.

With ex Croatian president Stjepan Mesić

Beograd, 2010.

Interview with ex USA ambassador William Montgomery

Adris Business Forum, 2007.

With global business legend Jack Welch

Bruxelles, 2009.

European commision HQ in Bruxellesu

St. Petersburg, USA, 2007.

Famous journalists' Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida

Tampa, USA, 2007.

At local tv station in Florida

New York, USA, 2006.

Famous GE Building at Manhattan

Washington, USA, 2007.

Pre-election meeting of Barack Obama in Washington

Iowa, USA, 2007.

Ride along with Iowa City police

Washington, USA, 2007.

State Department, Washington

Washington, USA, 2007.

With Jeff Leen, chief of investigative department at Washington Post

New York, USA, 2007.

Columbia university

Cannes, France, 2004.

World GSM forum

Barcelona, Spain, 2006.

With ex T Mobile CEO Hamid Akhavan

Zagreb, 2005.

With Croatian economy expert Ljubo Jurčić

Zagreb, 2007.

Ex minister Dragan Primorac and I just before Nikica Gabrić did eye laser surgery to us

Maribor, 2003.

With famous Croatian musician Rajko Dujmić

Opatija, 2003.

Shooting Šajeta video clip "Evergreen"

Zagreb, 2012.

All Croatian business media editors in chief

Zagreb, 2011.

With Croatian prime minister Jadranka Kosor

Zagreb, 2012.

Opening of Aktual business conference

Zagreb, 2013.

Hosting swedish investment conference

Zagreb, 2009.

With minister of education Dragan Primorac

Zagreb, 2012.

Ex EU ambassador Paul Vandoren visiting Business.hr newsroom

Washington, USA, 2007.

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Pariz, 2010.

Georges Pompidou center

Damaskus, Syria, 2006.

Panoramic view


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